Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Rewind ... Rewind .... Rewind!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Playing Cyrano

I like B … god knows how much I want to be with her!

I’ve got a good mate whom I have known for ages, who likes B as well.

Now this friend (let’s call him Z), wants me to play Cyrano so he could get to know B better. Being loyal to a friend that I am, I’d do that for him. There’s nothing more meaningful than a XX years of friendship … plus, I don’t think B thinks that way about me. I’m just a cabbie that loves to talk.

You see Z is your typical corporate Pow-Wow. He’s a leader of his industry. Models / Artists want a piece of him. He’s not your typical Mohammad Rahmat or Megat Junid. He has the dough and the looks and mix that with a splash of his wit, brain and personality makes him your perfect gentleman. If I’m a girl, I’ll spread my legs for him in a flash!

Z has known of B for X number of years. But he doesn’t have the balls to talk to B. Z got to know that B always takes my cab. Z looks at this as an opportunity for him to get to know B better. What better chance for Z to know B by using me as his Cyrano.

Should I, as a good friend of XX number of years tell Z the truth about my feelings for B or should I save these XX years of friendship and go on with this?  

Friday, December 01, 2006

I wanted to tell her ....

B boarded my cab crying today. I adjusted the rear view mirror to look at her. She tried her best not to show it . But I can feel her. I feel her sadness, I see tears dripping from her eyes. Those eyes are not made for that, it's too lovely. I heard her soft sobs. She did try her best to hide it from me.

I wanted to tell her that she can always count on me.

I wanted to tell her that not only I am a good driver, I am also a good listener.

I wanted to tell her we can drive around so she can see the world go by from the window of my cab for free.

I wanted to tell her that everything will be alright.

I wanted to tell her that I'd drive her to a happy place.

.... until reality hits me ... that i am just her cab driver.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

parallel universe

It’s been quite a while now. I’ve been busy ferrying people around, and never had the chance to get meself in blogspot to document my daily journal.

Life hits you when you least expected. Talk about luck.

I’m now am getting involve with a passenger. I don’t know whether that’s a right thing to do coz me mom always told me, never get involve with the person who feeds you. It’s started a few months back when I ferried her from One Utama to her office in Wangsa Maju. She’s the bubbly kind, there’s something about her laugh that reminds me of Cameron Diaz. You know … those cute little giggles. We had fun talking about everything under the sun. I find her very intelligent (that’s my no.1 turn on … well I’ll be lying if looks doesn’t matter, she passed the SIRIM ISO standard score at 10/10).

From that day onwards, whenever she called my call centre, she always requested for me. There wasn’t any flirting going on between us. I am generally a very shy person. I can get meself naked in any Makati City Bar but when it comes to the opposite sex, I just can’t do it. I don’t take rejection very well.

Well this girl … let’s call her B, she’s different. I enjoyed talking to her and I would like to get to know her better. I am glad that she requested me every time she needs a cab.

It’s funny though … there’s something about her that really scared the shit out of me. I’ve a feeling that there is a big chance that B is my long lost twin sister. Talk about similarity!! We go through the same process of life from birth till today. I kid you not. In fact we are glad if we find something that we can’t relate it to each other. I can even feel her when she’s depressed a few kilometers away. You know those feel that only a mother could feel when the child is in danger.

I can’t stop thinking of her.

What should I do?

Should I tell her that she’s special?

I’m confused …. My heart says something and my head says the other.

I’m not into really into relationships at this moment. But if I ignore this, would I miss the chance of a lifetime to be happy again?

Let’s just see how this soap opera goes. I can’t predict the ending meself.  

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Life is about defining moments. Sometimes you think you had the defining moment and then you look back and realize it was just another insignificant moment onto which you tried to project some kind of gravity. But occasionally you are really at the crossroad. And when those two roads diverge, your creature-of-habit self starts to push you down the path most taken, but your gut tells you that maybe this is the defining moment when you need to take the road less traveled. It happens in an instant. There is no deliberation, no analysis of the consequences, and no contemplation of the repercussions. You just do it!

I became I a cabbie because I think it’s the coolest job in the world. You sit in your car, wander around and get paid doing it. I am not denying, there are some bad apple in my profession (c’mon there are some bad cops as well).

A lot of cabbies do act as pimps. Imagine going on a 12 hour shift, getting less than RM200 a shift where ¾ of it will got to business expenses (Cab rent / petrol / food / coffee). Those extra incomes do come in handy to the cabbies that have family of 8 to feed. It’s easier to sell sex than to sell insurance.

When I was asked about women in my previous post I was a bit pissed. Stereotyping is not cool.

I remember when I was about 16 or so … I was body searched by a bunch of cop who thought that I was a drug addict …. Just because I was skinny.

Man … I really hate being stereotyped!! The world would be a better place when people stop stereotyping.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

It is time to shave

It is 1.19 am; I just got back from my shift.

I don’t know whether there’s a sign on my back that says … “want a lady, ask me!” or what. I’ve got about 5 passengers asking me questions as though I am a pimp. All one after another. In fact, one asked me whether I sell Viagra on the side. Go EFF off you MF!

I guess I better shave this moustache off.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bitching time

Since I'm not working today, I figured I'd post a brief list of some memorable passengers from recent weeks:

The young suburban couple who were "waiting for the mushrooms to kick in." They offered me RM20 to let them smoke weed in my cab, but I wouldn't. Instead I showed them a relatively dark street near Brickfields, where I let them off, so they could smoke up before getting on their train.

2. A manager of a bunch of Indie bands, including the One Buck Short and Alfafa Weedgrass (so he claims). I took him to a concert venue, where One Buck Short was playing later that night. He had lost his cell phone earlier that day in a taxi, but had managed to retrieve it in time for the show. He ended the trip by offering me free tickets and passes. Unfortunately, I had to decline.

3. The young well-mannered Indian guys who wanted me to take them on a long round trip, saying they were just meeting a friend for a second and there would be no waiting. Five minutes before we got there, one of the guys made a call from his cell telling their "friend" to be on the corner. When we pulled up, a preppy chinese guy walked up to the window of the cab. One of my passengers said, "Yeah, you wanted two tickets?" The guy said, "Huh? Oh, yeah." A discreet exchange was made through the window of the cab, and then I took the guys back to where I picked them up.

4. One of my very favorites was the oddly-mannered late-middle-aged lady who told me she only watched Korean and Hispanic soaps on TV. She rattled off all the different shows on the free and Astro channel and described the merits and drawbacks of each one. When I asked her what made her watch these crap shows, she told me she has always had the urge to learn a foreign language, by watching these series religiously, she had mastered at least two languages.

5. The rich young gay guy who voted for Keadilan and was dating the son of the Colonel of the Johor Military Force (Timbalan Setia Negeri)..I took him to the Carcosa Seri Negara while he told me all sorts of stories about his boyfriend. He gave me an RM8 tip on a RM12 fare.

6. The 23-year-old gay guy who had lost his virginity the day before to a much older, self-proclaimed spiritual guru.

7. The middle-aged woman who got in at PWTC and told me she used to be a cab driver in the early '80s. She quit driving because she went back to school and became a doctor.

8. The deaf girl who signaled for me to give her a pen and paper so she could write down her destination.

9. The woman who had just had dental work and was still numb from the Novocaine. She got in saying, "fethral ftheshen," which I finally realized meant, "Sentral Station."

10. The psychic who didn't read my mind about what kind of tip she was gonna give me.

11. The guy who claimed he produced three Malaysian Hip Hop songs. I took him to Jalan Telawi in Bangsar and the whole time he was flirting with some girl with a 'Yo! Brathar' thwang on the phone. Then he hung up and called his mom and and said "Amaaa, can cook Nande (crab) Kari today or not amaaaa? Can or not amaaa ... please laaah can laaaah"

12. The Japanese diplomat who used to work at the UN in New York who is trying to get Japan into the UN Security Council. (Then he was transferred to KL)

13. The young woman who worked as an oncology nurse, administering chemotherapy to rich people's pets.

14. The two gay guys from Damansara Heights, one of whom was planning on coming out to his entire family by way of a note.

Reading it over now, this list seems kind of tame. I suppose one reason for that is because I'm saving some of my better passenger stories for full posts of their own when I get around to it. And another reason is because there are just so many bankers and lawyers taking cabs in KL, and all of them are relatively sane and well-behaved. As one old-time driver told me once, "KL so boring these days, the cab drivers are more interesting than the passengers. It's just a jerk store out there."

p/s: However if you want me to give you a full post of any of the passengers above, please indicate which one. Cheers!